Tips for Purchasing Best Travel Yogamats

There are different types of mats created for a wide range of applications; the travel mats are lightweight and super portable. Some mats made of cotton are designed for intense practices, while universal mats are recommend for beginners. The standard thickness of yoga mat is 1/8-inch, while that of travel mats is 1/6-inch. Lesser the thickness, more stability you get, but less protection it offers too. Since you need them while travelling, you can choose the one that gives you an optimal combination of all the aspects. If you have sensitive joints, use the enhanced version of the regular mat that offer excellent cushioning and stability.

Selection of Material

It is made of different types of materials and PVC versions are the most common ones. It is durable and offers a good grip.  PVC mats aren’t that costly and are available at an affordable price. However, it sometimes becomes slippery due to non-biodegradability and sweat. If you’ve experienced skin allergy issues, look for eco-friendly travel yoga mats, which are derived from plant-based materials. The materials used should be dense and thick enough, not so foamy that you sink and feel unsteady.

Essential Qualities to Look Out For

Travel mats come in different weights and sizes; some are bulky, while others are light. If you travel very often, then choose the mat that’s thin and lightweight, and if you use seldom them, then weight or size shouldn’t bother you. Apart from all the above aspects, travel yoga mats come in different colors; though it’s not really important when it comes to functionality, you may still choose the one in your favorite color, because they’d make you feel good every time you practice Yoga. But, of course what really matters is the quality of the materials used in designing process. Go for a well-known brand you can trust.

Deciding on the Budget

Like the way it comes in different sizes, it is available for different prices too; generic options or the low end mats start as low as $10, while the premium choices prices can go as high as $100. The top end branded mats can last a decade; if you are just starting out or travel once in a while, go for an inexpensive one. Determine your budget and invest later.

Try Before You Purchase!

Choose the yoga mat based on the yoga you often perform, and buy anything only after trying. Avoid mats that can be too slippery or squishy. The lightweight travel yoga mats have texture on them for grip. Try it before you finalize the deal to avoid wasting your money. Borrow the mat for few minutes and try different positions, like standing, balancing, or inverted Yoga, according to what you practice on regular basis. If you find it uncomfortable, simply leave it, and look for another one.

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