Why You Should Visit Dubai?

Attention world travellers! Want to visit someplace exotic, yet where its easy to be a tourist? Have you always dreamed of traveling to the Arabian Peninsula?

Its time to think about a visit to Dubai, one of the seven United Arab Emirates on the Persian Gulf. Sandwiched between Saudi Arabia and Oman is the very rich, very Westernized nation of the UAE.

Dubai is most certainly not located within a Third World country. In fact, Dubai is one of the richest nations in the world, due in large part to its vast oil resources. My brother-in-law, who works for Microsoft, has been to Dubai a number of times. His one word description: opulence.

Many of the residents in Dubai don’t even have to work to support their luxury lifestyles. Supported by oil profits, they are free to shop and play all day! In 2003,Cond√© Nast Traveler’s¬†readers’ poll voted Dubai the world’s safest locale. People who live there claim there is virtually no crime.

Thinking pristine sandy beaches, blue water and palm trees? Want to indulge yourself in gourmet food and shopping? Love clear skies and little rain?

Then Dubai is your place. Let’s go on a virtual tour first. After that, you may want to consider traveling to this rich, opulent destination for your next vacation. Time to start searching the Internet for cheap flights to Dubai!

If you enjoy sports, then Dubai is your destination in the Middle East. It claims to be the sports capital of the region, hosting world-class golf (Both the Europe and Asian PGA circuits play in the coastal city), tennis, horse racing, camel racing, boating and sailing, and rugby. But you simply cannot travel to Dubai and not experience indoor snow skiing at the Mall of Emirates. This colossal shopping center includes a “mountain” over three football fields long on which you can practice your alpine skills!

Of course, one of my favorite vacation activities is shopping. Be sure to visit the famous Gold Souk district in Dubai! 18 to 22 karat gold jewelry items are featured. Did I mention that Dubai has tax-free shopping? With an open port, the city has opportunities to purchase high-end goods for a fraction of the cost you might otherwise pay where you live.

In addition to sports and shopping, you’ll want to visit the Burj Khalifa, currently the tallest building in the world:

  • Over 800 meters tall
  • 160+ floors
  • 57 elevators and 8 escalators
  • More than 26,000 glass panels

The skyscraper is right downtown and surrounded by hotels, world-class shopping and loads of other entertainment.

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