A Visit to Grand Canyon: Discovering the Hypnagogic Landscapes

One of the most spectacular landscapes of the world, Grand Canyon is simply 277 miles of superlative beauty. You can visit this place all the year round and nearly 4,000,000 people make it every year. There are plenty of accommodation options available nearby, including luxury tents, vacation homes, apartments, and more. Book your stay and enjoy every moment of your trip to Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World and is located in North America. This steep-sided canyon has dramatic scenery of enormous proportions that keeps changing. You will find sandstone canyons, painted deserts, mesas and plateaus, pine and fir forests, Colorado River, breathtaking waterfalls, perennial streams, and many more geologic features – all clubbed into one place.

Though people love to stand at the edge here and soak themselves in the beautiful landscape, there are many more activities that you can do to enjoy the park’s natural splendor. Discover every bit of this splendid canyon by indulging yourself in these activities or visiting the places listed here.

Grand Canyon Village

Grand Canyon Village is the most popular entryway to this spectacular park. In all seasons, you will find huge rush here as it is here that you find Yavapai Point, which is the best place to soak yourself in the beauty of the Canyon. You can also consider lodging here or in case you are staying somewhere else try to take a sunrise tour here for sure.


You can decide to hike through the Havasu Canyon Trail, which is 3000 feet underneath the Grand Canyon rim. The five waterfalls here provide spectacular views and the water reflects a shade of bluish-green. It’s a strenuous 13-kilometre hike and in case you don’t want to hike you have options of taking a horse or even a helicopter ride.

Whitewater Rafting

A wonderful way to experience Grand Canyon is to float through it. In the Colorado River, you will find rapids that can let the adrenaline flow to the peak. There are many sections where you can raft, but wherever you decide to go for it, the view is simply mesmerizing.

Grand Canyon Skywalk

This skywalk was opened to visitors in 2007 and is one of the more controversial additions. Those against it advocated that it ruins the natural aesthetic of the area. It is a large, semi-circular bridge that has transparent glass floors. Once here, the tourists can actually walk 70 feet out over the canyon and then view down the floor when they are in fact standing 4,000 feet above a unique vantage point.

Rim Trail

It is one of the most popular and comprehensive trails that you should definitely do. It stretches about 12 miles and the walking path is fairly easy. The trail begins at Pipe Creek Vista and ends at Hermit’s Rest.

Grand Canyon is both overwhelming and breathtaking at the same time. So, enjoy it from a variety of vantage points and activities.

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